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Don’t just take our word for it. Take theirs!

“Freeways do not solve traffic problems.”

Gordon Campbell, Mayor of Vancouver, 1989

“We stopped freeways from destroying our neighborhoods. As a result, today some of the healthiest inner city neighborhoods in North America are found in Greater Vancouver.”

Gordon Campbell, Mayor of Vancouver, 1991

“We know that we cannot build our way out of congestion.”

Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia, 2003

“I’ve heard many bad ideas in my time, and expanding Highway 1 ranks with the worst of them. The scariest part is that Mr. Campbell actually knows better.”

Jane Jacobs, OC, 2005

“It’s a politically expedient decision that will trade long-term quality of life for short-term gains.”

David Suzuki, 2006

“With increased air pollution there can possibly be increased employment (e.g., in the health sector) because of the economic activity associated with correcting the results of [the new freeway’s] impacts.”

South Fraser Perimeter Road EA Application, 2006

“When you build new freeways […] that doesn’t take traffic off the road.”

David Emerson, Minister of International Trade and the Asia-Pacific Gateway, 2007

“Gateway is the biggest, dumbest decision we could make. It is a five-year, short-term solution with dramatic adverse effects.”

Jim Houlahan, VP Canadian Auto Workers Union Local 111, 2008

“Though not stated by Provincial personnel, it is the unfortunate reality that the Province probably needs a high number of single-occupant vehicle trips in order to pay for the Project. Any Transportation Demand Management measures must not become too effective, or the Project could not be funded exclusively from tolls. This need to keep the number of single-occupant trips high is, of course, at odds with Metro Vancouver’s Livable Region Strategic Plan and Provincial policy on greenhouse gas reductions.”

Burnaby Council report, 2008

“Here, we put a higher premium on pavement than 12,000 years of history.”

Dana Lepofsky, Simon Fraser University archeologist, 2008

“I’m not suggesting any sort of conspiracy […] but obviously some people stand to make an awful lot of money […] there is a gigantic real estate bonanza hidden behind Gateway.”

Anthony Perl, Director Urban Studies Program, Simon Fraser University, 2008

“Why do I object to the South Fraser Perimeter Road? Because it won’t solve our traffic problems. It will funnel more traffic onto Alex Fraser causing further back ups through our neighbourhoods. It will cut us off from accessing the Fraser River. Most cities are trying to reverse the trend of building highways along rivers. It will not help reduce our carbon footprint – if anything, it will increase it with increasing trucks through our neighbourhood. The bog, archaeological sites, heritage sites, neighbourhood integrity and quality of life all will be profoundly impacted.

And, most importantly, viable, affordable and environmentally sound alternatives were not fully considered. We do need to deal with the truck traffic along River Road. Absolutely. What we don’t need is a dusted off 20 year old plan that does not begin to address today’s realities.”

Guy Gentner, Delta North MLA, 2008

“With the much-heralded Pacific Gateway initiative, criminal gangs are poised to expand their operations in a huge way. B.C. hasn’t grasped publicly the size and the affect the Gateway program is going to have on B.C. and North America. The projections about the depth of crime that’s going to come just from that are absolutely staggering.”

Doug Kiloh, RCMP Superintendent, 2008

“Despite Victoria’s claims to the contrary, the so-called environmental review and public consultation surrounding this four-lane container truck freeway that destroys a significant amount of farmland and wildlife areas has been a joke, albeit a cruel one.”

Brian Lewis, columnist at The Province, 2009

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